Conserving Your Battery
Dowsing Mapper uses your phone's GPS to maximise accuracy. This can be heavy on battery use. So if you are heading out for an extended dowsing session make sure your phone is fully charged. To help manage your battery usage Dowsing Mapper makes it easy to get out of and back into the app without losing time or data. Get out of Dowsing Mapper using your phone's Back button. When you restart Dowsing Mapper, a button will allow you to continue where you left off.
The battery level is shown on the map screen to help you manage the use.
Always turn off the screen when it is not being used. Dowsing Mapper will continue to work with the screen off.

Dowsing Mapper uses the GPS system to determine your location. As with any GPS system, accuracy will depend on the phone�s view of the satellites.
At the start, the location might appear to jump around (even though you are not moving) while the system establishes a good fix.
You might want to delete the track after the initial 'jumping' has died down. (Use Delete Track on the Map Screen menu.)
GPS is only accurate to a few meters. However, markers can be moved to the correct position on the map. (See Map Screen Help for instructions.)
The screen for pointing to show a direction can be handy but you should check the accuracy of your phone's magnetometer (compass). Most phones should give reasonable accuracy.
If your phone's GPS accuracy seems to be inadequate try using a tool such as GPS Status to test and fix. Regular downloading of AGPS data might improve performance.

Should I Upload My Markers?
Dowsing Mapper and the Earth Energy Map website are for everyone to share their reactions. All contributions are welcome and all are valued. Approach each site afresh. Don't try to reproduce lines you have read about or lines other people have dowsed. Trust the patterns your own dowsing reveals. And if you subsequently refine your findings, you can move, edit or delete markers. Moves, edits and deletes will update the Earth Energy Map, providing a phone signal is available.
If you want to 'experiment' with Dowsing Mapper rather then marking real dowsed lines, or if secrecy is preferred, turn off uploading in the 'Settings' screen.
Markers starting with "Test" will be 'cleaned-up' from the Earth Energy Map each week. This gives another way to experiment without leaving bogus markers.

Uploading, even if there is no signal
Uploading to the cloud-based database at requires a phone signal.
If uploading fails the app will try again, so open the site when you have a signal.
Any issues, email

Where Are My Files?
Files are exported to and imported from the Dowsing Mapper 'Files' folder. The exact location of this folder depends on your phone model and which version of the operating system you are using.
A handy way to find that folder is to search your phone for 'Stonehenge'. A GPX file will already be there.
Your phone's Dowsing Mapper Files folder location is shown on the 'Import' and 'Restore' screens. If the folder starts with "/storage/emulated/0/" you will find this is shown as "Device storage" in your PC's file manager.
Dowsing Mapper files are created in the Dowsing Mapper directory and are accessible using iTunes. (In iTunes, select Apps on your device and scroll to bottom of screen.)

Manage Your Files
If a file becomes too large to load, delete tracks using the Site Menu Clear Tracks option from the main screen.
Backup sites using the Export option from the Site Menu then select Archive. An Archive file will be created in the Dowsing Mapper Files folder. This file can then be copied to a safe off-phone location.

Use Reference Markers
These can be imported from GPX files before you start dowsing. They can also be added while dowsing to show Points Of Interest.
To add a reference mark, simply touch the Mark button, ignore the direction pointing screen and select Reference as the type (the first field in the form).

Getting Help
Help is available for each screen via the menu. For Android, simply press the menu button and select Help. For iPhone, select Help from the Settings/Menu.
And, of course, feel free to use email with any queries.

Contacting Dowsing Mapper
Any feedback, questions or ideas to